Student Highlight: Emily, HS Senior

One of Brandon’s many jobs has him doing front desk work at a music lessons school. If you have never worked with Brandon in a retail setting, you are missing out on a lot of shenanigans: pranks, banter that usually involves some goofy name calling, even old lady jokes. One of his co-workers who has suffered much of his adolescent humor is Emily. She is a senior in high school who decided to do her research project on sex trafficking. After her paper was finished she decided to dedicate some of her volunteer hours to RLR!

Her first project as a volunteer? Presenting with us at her high school to 200 of her peers! An intimidating thing for anyone, and the girl rocked it! Never missing a beat she led them in a game illustrating the different forms of pimp recruitment, and shared the reasons why she is passionate about this cause. Here are some that she shared:  Continue reading


God Is Moving

Working in aftercare is tough. I remember being a peer mentor for teens coming out of sex trafficking. The pain in their hearts and their search for love is heartbreaking. There were nights I would get home from my visitations and just lay on the floor of my dorm room and cry. It didn’t make sense how so much evil could exist, and that God could allow it to happen.

Prevention is not nearly as emotionally taxing, but it is harder to keep motivation. In aftercare there are moments of breakthroughs with girls that can carry you for weeks. In prevention it is difficult to see the fruit of anything you do. So we press in, trusting that if God is calling us to this work, then God is going to move through it.

We got a glimpse into the impact our programs had in October during our presentation at Valley Lutheran High School. Continue reading

New Schools, New Students, New Levels of Patience

We are mid-way through the semester and presentations, and are already wondering where the time went! At the end of September we got the awesome opportunity to serve Barry Goldwater High School through health class presentations. The teachers went all out by booking the lecture hall and herding in multiple classes each period. Brittany, Brandon, and I bravely suited up and got ready for back-to-back awareness: 7:30am-2:17pm, with a grand total of 18 presentations to 200+ students in a matter of only 3 school days.

Nothing like Dutch Bros coming in clutch to keep up pushing through!

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Update 2: Support Raising

PRAISE REPORT: We are finally 50% funded!!

God has been so good to us! This week we finally reached the half way point! We love seeing the diversity in the people God is bringing to the team – from backgrounds, ethnicity, belief systems, economic status, etc. We do what we do to glorify God and try to display His heart for justice through Red Light Rebellion, so that more people might fall in love with the creator of the universe.  Continue reading

Criminal Justice Classroom Presentations

Classroom presentations have officially started!!

Cactus High School invites us every semester to speak with their Criminal Justice classes. It’s a fun time as we are able to customize our presentations to address law enforcement’s role in the fight against sex trafficking.

This year we launched a new program called the Rebel Pledge. Continue reading

Program Highlight: Healthy Relationships

There is a common misconception that sex trafficking happens by a victim being kidnapped by a pimp. In reality, there is usually a previously established relationship between the victim and trafficker.

This relationship can look many different ways. There are cases in which family members traffick the children. This can be for multiple reasons: financial needs, drugs, mental illness, etc. Whether a parent, grandparent, aunt/unlce, cousin, or sibling, the family member abuses his/her power over the child for the purpose of exploitation.  Continue reading

Program Highlight: Discovering Our Stories

We all have stories, and each of our stories bring us to different places in life. During Red Light Rebellion classroom presentations, we spend a whole day helping students explore their individual stories. Through various activities they are able to identify the most significant events in life that have shaped who they are.

This is a critical component of how we work to prevent sex trafficking. By helping students recognize how they are personally vulnerable to predators, they can begin to develop resiliency to manipulation.

This last semester one student stayed behind after her class ended to talk with us more about what she wrote down during the activity. Continue reading