God Is Moving

Working in aftercare is tough. I remember being a peer mentor for teens coming out of sex trafficking. The pain in their hearts and their search for love is heartbreaking. There were nights I would get home from my visitations and just lay on the floor of my dorm room and cry. It didn’t make sense how so much evil could exist, and that God could allow it to happen.

Prevention is not nearly as emotionally taxing, but it is harder to keep motivation. In aftercare there are moments of breakthroughs with girls that can carry you for weeks. In prevention it is difficult to see the fruit of anything you do. So we press in, trusting that if God is calling us to this work, then God is going to move through it.

We got a glimpse into the impact our programs had in October during our presentation at Valley Lutheran High School.  They gave us an opportunity to present to their chapel. With only 30 minutes we moved fast, got a lot of information out there, and saw an amazing response from students wanting to get involved!

During the intro game that we were doing, one of the girls got my attention and said that she had been a part of our presentations at Osborn Middle School the year before. I immediately remembered her as the girl who stood up to the bullies, spoke up for the kids who were down and out, was super engaged, and genuinely cared about the cause. Her faith was evident simply in the way that she interacted with her peers. It was also evident that she was a leader among her new friends in high school, encouraging them to participate in the game, follow us on social media, she even made sure they posted and signed our Rebel Pledge.

Her spirit was infectious because we got some of the most enthusiastic feedback from those students than any other group! We love having the opportunity to talk about God’s heart for justice so plainly. We saw the Spirit move in their hearts with an urgency to get involved and look out for one another. There is a lot of promise of this being a continued relationship with the school and students, and we are excited to see how God is going to move!

We truly believe that God is calling this generation to stand for justice in ways that other generations of His people were not able to. We are confident that if we stand firm in His Word that we will see people healed from physical and emotional ailments, that people will be attracted to Christ because of justice rather than question Him because of injustice, and that people will truly be set free from both physical and spiritual slavery!

Thank you for partnering with us! God is moving and in everything we do, we want Him to be glorified for His work and not our efforts. Blessings, friends!

-Breanna Vales

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