Criminal Justice Classroom Presentations

Classroom presentations have officially started!!

Cactus High School invites us every semester to speak with their Criminal Justice classes. It’s a fun time as we are able to customize our presentations to address law enforcement’s role in the fight against sex trafficking.

This year we launched a new program called the Rebel Pledge.

Students have the opportunity to commit to being a Rebel. We read each part aloud and they are able to pledge right there in the classroom. Last week we had nearly 50 student commit to be:

Sold Out For Human Dignity 

Believing in the inherent value of every person. 

A Fighter

Committing to live selflessly for the sake of passion, relationship, and purpose.

On a Mission to Connect

Living authentically  and diving into the messiness of life together.

A Culture Maker, and

Not doing what is common, but interrogating the status quo and have the courage to stand up for others.

A Risk Taker

Not conforming to the culture, but taking risks for the powerless and oppressed.

*Condensed version.

We were excited to see how responsive they all were to the pledge, and grateful for the way God made us with the universal desire for love and justice.

This pledge has been prayed over and thoroughly talked through multiple times to make sure that it is universally relatable, but more than that, rooted in Christ and the Truth. Whether students realize it or not, they are agreeing with fundamental Christian beliefs. They are committing to a life only grace can bring about. We are excited to more student volunteers into our new office space and be able to dive deeper into those conversations!


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