Update: Support Raising

What a journey the last two months have been! Brandon and I relaunched our support raising journey May 1st, with slightly over 20% of our budget raised, and our goal to be at 100% by December!

This has been one of the most challenging things we have ever done, from the courage to contact certain people all the way to our trust for God to provide. There have been a couple points where I have found myself looking to the people we are approaching for provision, rather than Christ. It takes a lot of self-awareness to realize when this is happening before major discouragement hits from yet another voicemail being left, hoping that the 7th time is a charm and I’ll get a call back for a meeting. Good thing God’s made both Brandon and I stubborn and determined people ;]

But seriously, it’s all grace. Only God’s grace empowering us to push through discouragement has kept us going. The ways in which we have grown from that have been so sacred to us that we wouldn’t want to be pursuing anything else.  More than ever we are confident that this is the path God wants us to take. Just the time we dedicated to prepare for our relaunch was life changing. It challenged us as individuals and as a couple more than anything else has so far. Because of this process we are closer than ever before, spiritually connected in ways we’ve always desired, and more consistent in looking to Christ rather than each other. We believe in what we are doing so much that we are trying to tell everyone we know doing ministry to support raise! Haha

Right now we have just around 30% of our partnerships (including pledges that will start come July). 70% more to go in 5 months!! Pray for us!! We love being on the same team as all of you!!

~ Breanna

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