Training Court Emloyees

Sex trafficking is different from many other crimes, partly because it encompasses a lot of other crimes. There are some pimps sitting in jail, or will go to jail, and never be sentenced with a sex trafficking charge. Charging people for sex trafficking is a new phenomenon, so there are many crimes with minimum sentencing that is far greater than sexual exploitation (weapons, drugs, and money laundering to name a few).

There is also a lack of understanding within the legal system about what exploitation looks like, and what its victims are like. We having been making great headway over the last 7 years, but are still finding victims being treated like criminals by the legal system.

Of the many doors God has opened for RLR over the last couple years, training court employees at county and state-wide conferences has been one of them. So just a couple days ago we packed our bags and headed to Florence  for Pinal County’s COJET Conference. Teaming up with Leah Rogers (a survivor and founder of Help Her Stand) we conducted two identical 3-hour trainings to over 70 court employees!

Many were from Juvenile and very interested in learning as much as they could so they can better help the survivors they already work with in the system. It was amazing to see how little most of them know about the topic, but so inspiring to see much they wanted to learn.

The doors God is opening are amazing and we are humbled to walk through them!

~ Breanna



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