Central Christian Youth Group

It is amazing to see how God has set up His Kingdom so that He uses us to spread the message of the Gospel. When we have somewhat of a grasp on our depravity and foolishness as human beings, it seems quite ludicrous that He has intentionally made it happen that way. Yet He wants to empower us with His grace so that we actually can! So that we are no longer simply bound to our inabilities, but married into His will to do miraculous things through our transformed hearts.

I think He gets joy from this.

I think He gets joy from this, not just because I’ve read that in the Bible, but because I get joy from empowering others. Red Light Rebellion is the most successful when students take ownership of the cause, and simply invite us into their vision. We love everything about this generation taking hold of their ability to advocate God’s heart for justice!

A few months ago, I received an email requesting RLR to speak at Central Christian Church’s youth group.  I immediately got stoked! Not only was this a good sized church, but it is a church that has been passionate about this cause and sacrificed for it for almost a decade!

It took me a while of coordinating logistics to realize that a student had emailed me, not a pastor! The whole thing was getting even better! There was a lot of back and forth to get all the logistics in place, so I was impressed that the student was so consistent in her follow-up to make sure it worked out.

Brandon and I showed up early for set up the night of the presentation, and were completely blown away to the extent that this event was planned. This student had brought together a committee of other students to run the whole night: setting up tables/chairs, making centerpieces, leading worship, and leading prayer/discussion with the lower classmen at the tables.

The Spirit was present, and it was obvious that many of the students were truly seeking God’s heart for justice. We love seeing how the Spirit moves: when a someone feels His leading and responds in complete obedience. We are honored that we could be a part of that student’s obedience.

To make everything that much better, the core group who organized the whole thing were already fans of Brandon’s worship band, Army of Light. More than that, they had already met Brandon at a retreat a couple months prior. During a Q&A Brandon ended up mentioning that we do nonprofit work. The girls inquired more and couldn’t believe that he was doing work surrounding an issue they were already passionate about. Brandon told them to hit up our instagram and email me to learn about how they could get involved. Who would have thought they would actually follow through?!

We love how God moves. That He would send a couple high school girls to a random church camp they had never heard of, that wasn’t a part of their church, just so that they could draw their youth group’s heart closer to His heart for the exploited.

We love getting glimpses into His plans and how He is moving things around to His purpose, and that He gives us critical roles in getting it done!

~ Breanna

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