Epic Photo Shoot

I love the way God uses people. I love when He puts the same things on peoples’ hearts so they can come together for His glory. That’s what happened with my college buddy, Brianna.

We were roommates freshmen year at ASU – yes they stuck two girls with the same name in the same room. Everyone thought it was absolutely hilarious! Thank goodness they did because I got to meet one of my best friends!

Brianna has always been a talented photographer. A few months back we got together and she asked if she could volunteer for RLR with her photography. Little did she know that I was about to ask her if she would be willing to do just that! And thus, a RLR photo shoot began coming to life!

I recruited an elementary school friend, Andy, as our videographer and we soon had a whole team. Brandon and I asked a bunch of friends to join us for a day of modeling, free coffee/donuts/snacks, and a heck of a lot of fun, stayed up way too late working out all the last minute details (which was all of them), and got revved up for an event we are hoping will be a launching pad for Red Light Rebellion.

From just 9 hours of shooting video and taking pictures we: made new friends, branded the organization, created our culture, got images for social media & our (future) online store, got footage for a promo video, solidified partnerships, and just took everything to a whole new level!

We were inspired by Fight the New Drug’s social media/merch movement, Invisible Children’s ability to mobilize youth through video, and the breath of fresh air that came our way when the CEO of our favorite organization said: you guys could be really big.

We want to be really big. Not for our sake, but for the sake of young people all around the world who are currently target victims of the largest slave trade in history… and yet, the solution we are all searching for every time we sit around a table and talk about eradicating sex trafficking.

Youth have a fire in their belly to do something big with their lives. As for us? Well we just want to give them everything they could possibly need to do just that.

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