5 Day RLR Presentations @SDOHS

The last half of 2015, we have been very prayerful about God opening new doors for RLR programs to reach more students. It is always exciting when He does!

He has given us a lot of favor with Sandra Day O’Connor High School, and they allowed us to try out our new 5-day classroom presentation curriculum. So our team geared up for two full weeks of presentations for over 300 students!

It was a blast getting to hang out with quirky freshmen so much. One of the driving forces behind RLR is the belief that young peoples’ voices need to be heard. We love their spunk, how oblivious they are to how the world really works, and how passionately they hold to their perspectives. They do things others are afraid to because they simply don’t know that they are not supposed to. We love their angst and want to help them direct it toward positive change.

The weeks were exhausting and our appreciation for teachers went up quite a few notches! We did our best to make the days engaging and fun while packing those youngsters’ brains with endless information on how to stay safe from the dangers of trafficking, how to be self-aware, how to have healthy relationships, the negative effects of porn, and what they can do to make a difference.

Two days in, the students were comfortable enough to share some pretty heavy challenges they face in life – brains surgeries, broken families, death, depression. By the end of each week they were coming up just to chat about questions they had or things they were interested in. We pray they saw something different about us – that the students with the Spirit recognized the Spirit in us, and the students without Him saw in us the very things they are desperately searching for.

The curriculum turned out to be a HUGE success!! We are extremely thankful for our volunteer, Brittany, who powered through developing it for us and cannot wait to use it in even more schools!

If you have any connections with schools, churches, or youth organizations, please consider reaching out and helping us network to spread this message! You can email us at info@redlightrebellion.org, or send a message through social media.

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