Fight the New Drug: our organization crush

9/15/15: If you don’t know us very well, you should know something about Brandon and I. This will serve as a warning as well for future conversations… we like talking about porn!

I became passionate about fighting against the harmful effects of porn in Jr High. If God hadn’t called me to anti-trafficking later in high school, I would have packed my car and moved to Vegas at 18 years old to work for one of my favorite ministries helping people break free from porn addiction and get out of the adult entertainment industry.

So when I heard about Fight the New Drug for the first time, I immediately became a fan girl! Their approach was different than I was used to. Rather than come at the problem from a biblical perspective, they come at it from a scientific perspective. Never before had I read articles so clearly explaining porn’s effect on the brain being that of heroin. I had known that information before, but never been able to find the science to back it up, let alone explain it in such easy-to-understand language.

They don’t say porn is harmful because God says so and we’re supposed to “bounce our eyes.” They say porn is harmful because it effects the brain in the same exact way that hardcore drugs do. Funny how God’s way always ends up being the right way.

Science finally caught up to Truth. 

Well, in September Brandon and I got to meet and hang out with the founder of FTND!! It was a stormy night after a presentation to a youth group. We talked for the longest time at a fast-food joint, soaking in all the advice he was giving us, amazed at all the questions he asked, and humbled that he believed in us so much after just meeting us and hearing about Red Light Rebellion for the first time.

Don’t give up, he said. If you don’t do it someone else williphone-PKLclassic

This can get really big.

I believe you guys can do this! he said.

Then we ran through the downpour of rain to get back to our cars a couple blocks away.

“It sounds like he just breathed life into you guys,” one of our volunteers commented after listen to my recap of the conversation. Yes, yes he did.

Go check out our friends, Fight the New Drug. You’ll learn some freaking awesome things about the harmful effects of porn, and the movement to fight for love!

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