MRHS Benefit Basketball Game

Back in January a husband and wife approached me after a church service. The husband reached out his hand, introduced himself as Charles, and declared he was a high school teacher at Mountain Ridge.

Shaking his hand excitedly, I said, “You are my new best friend!”

It has been great getting to know Charles and his wife over the months. He is the kind of person who follows through with his convictions and does what he says he will do. Within three weeks of meetings he invited me to speak with his FCA club, got me a meeting with the principal, and arranged a presentation for his bible study! Within that time, he already began planning a benefit basketball game to support the cause!

On May 12th, MRHS hosted a teacher vs. student basketball game, giving all the proceeds to MOMA’s House! It was a great turnout and hilarious to watch the teachers and students take it so seriously! One student came dressed in a suite and tie, ready to “coach” the student team to victory! The whole time he was pacing, throwing fits at missed shots, and screaming at the refs when he disagreed with a call. There was absolutely no messing around! 

An extremely close game that awarded the students as victors!

MOMA’s House and RLR with the students and teachers that participated!
The victors!!

Breanna Vales


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