Gilbert Christian High School – Bible Class Presentations

Before spring break we only had 1.5 weeks of school events on the20160408_070150 calendar for the rest of the semester. It wasn’t too long after that we ended up having three and a half! Every time we said that we would have to start turning people down because our schedule was too full, another unbelievable opportunity would come up – we just couldn’t say no! And with all those crazy early school mornings, let’s just say that Dutch Bros kept us alive!

One of the opportunities God brought our way was at Gilbert Christian High School to their Junior and Senior bible classes. As we prepared for the week it all of a sudden it dawned on us that we have never done classroom presentations at a Christian school before! We were finally given the opportunity to speak Jesus’ Name in a classroom, and tell all of the real reasons why do what we do: to glorify God, to chase after God’s heart for justice, to help the least of these, because God told us to. Not only that, but we were even able to take them through multiple passages from the Bible that showed God’s heart for the exploited, and the type of freedom Christ offers us. How amazing and refreshing!

But we also experienced a lot of attack:  The fatigue of so many back-to-back presentations the two weeks before weighed heavy on us. The technology seemed bent on not working (we’ve never had tech issues before). There were points when connecting with the students seemed very difficult. The basic prepping steps for each day seemed overwhelming. And one student’s poor attitude could get to us in ways it usually never does. #thestruggleisreal

What was confusing is that we rarely experience those kind of attacks when going into public schools. That didn’t make sense to me. I would think that walking into a godless place with the hope of Christ would warrant more attack than walking into a place that prays at the beginning and end of each class. But then I remembered something God taught me years ago:

Sex trafficking is not a physical issue, it is a spiritual battle.

We can empower young people all we want to activism, and it can literally save a life, but the impact a non-believer’s efforts will have vs. a believer’s efforts can hardly compare. Every believer has the Spirit inside of them – the very power that triumphed over death and raised Christ from the dead, resides in us! I truly believe that Satan is far more terrified of a few believers rising up to do justice on a physical and spiritual level, than a thousand non-believers simply fighting a physical issue. I believe that Satan was terrified of the damage those young people at GCHS could do, and so did everything he could to hinder our impact.

But God’s will prevails, and Satan’s attacks could not come against us! We saw the students hearts stirred for the exploited, we witnessed the dedication their teacher has to discipling them, and we saw God’s Word begin to click in new ways. All we wanted for them was to know God more intimately, and that, by knowing His heart for justice. Be encouraged, Believer! Your prayers are powerful, your words significant, and your efforts to fight slavery dangerous!

Here are some of the passages we covered if you want to check them out: Genesis 38, Hosea 2 & 3, Joshua 2, 6:22-25, and Revelation 18:7-13.

~ Breanna

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