Digging Deep in the Classroom

It can be difficult running a faith-based nonprofit that does most of its ministry in the public school system. We are oftentimes faced with the challenge of figuring out how to say things in a way that won’t get us kicked out, aka seem like we’re preaching at the students. We dance in this tension of keeping Christ in the center while not speaking His Name.

Our presentations are bathed in a lot of prayer. The team prays for all sorts of things leading into the day or week we will be presenting to students, but my usual prayer is: Lord, in everything we say, let them see you. Shine through us. Make what we have so attractive to them that it will force them to chase after You. Give us the words to speak that will lead them to you, not a movement or cause, but closer to Your heart. 

The last week of March we were in the Health Classes at Sandra Day O’Connor High School. The second day of our presentations is what we call the Vulnerabilities Day. We give a specialized presentation with intentional activities to increase students’ self-awareness of their personal vulnerabilities to sex trafficking. Then we equip them with the Truth and resources they need to develop resiliency to manipulation, in case a predator were to ever try taking advantage of those things in them.

After one of the periods I noticed a girl lingering in the room. She approached me silently and handed me her paper. It was a timeline of her life, some of the most significant high’s and low’s she has experienced. We lead the students through this activity during the second half of the class. This girl’s timeline was riddled with the story of a broken family, feels of being unloved, acting out, regret, and shame. She immediately started crying when I thanked her for sharing.

The one significant high point that she had on that timeline, was meeting God. She had an encounter with Him at a camp the other summer. What an honor it was to speak Truth into her life; of God’s love and healing, of how hard it would be to face her pain, but of the freedom that awaited her.

It is amazing to see God work through such a simple activity. He gives confirmation when we need it the most that we are doing what He wants us to. Please pray for that young freshmen girl. God is trying to get a hold of her heart, and I’m grateful we could be a part of a breaking point for her. But she has a long road of healing ahead for herself, so please join me in praying that she would surrender her pain and brokenness to Christ and be healed by His Love.

~ Breanna

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