Hospital food, not the greatest!

Life has a way of throwing the things at you that are the worst situations for your present situation, doesn’t it?

Some sucky parts wouldn’t be all that sucky if they happened at another time that week, that month, or that year. They are not catastrophic, just so uncomplimentary to the other things going on in life they become some of our worst challenges to date.

I have been praying against this one for some time now. With the irony of life and how God forces us to build stronger trust in HIm, I guess it was inevitable.

While in California last week I ended up get an aggressive kidney infection. Most of the week was spent with severe side pain. I knew it was an infection of some sort but did not want to get stuck in another state so pushed through until we landed back in Phoenix. But as soon as we landed… we booked it to the doctor!

“You’re fever is 102.7. If this is a kidney infection, the only treatment that will be effective is IV, and you will have to go to the hospital.”

But I don’t have insurance, that’s why I come to the clinic.

“If this goes untreated than you will either loose a kidney or die.” 

I guess I have no other choice.

Two seconds after stepping out of the room to rest my urine, the doctor walked back in with the confirmed results that I in fact had an acute kidney infection. “You’re going to the hospital!”

And so to the ER we went. An ER that had nurses running around as if their heads were screwed on backwards, had no clue what was going on, could not write my name on my lab materials, and kept repeating the same thing to every question: I don’t know. Thank goodness my doctor had a hook up, and one of the “specialty doctors” admitted me so that I was under his care the rest of the time.

Tons of fluids, bags of liquid antibiotics, three blood tests, two urine samples, three days, and two nights later, I was finally released!! Once again, these things are not usually that big of a deal. Inconvenient of course, but extremely minor for the hospital.

Except the lack of insurance part.

And this is where the trust comes in. That the bill won’t be $20,000. That we qualify for AHCCCS (or however it goes). Or that this does not force us young 20-somethings to file bankruptcy already. Because one thing I know for certain: Obama “Care” is helping out no one in this situation!

God provides. And He is faithful. He also knows this is the area I probably have the least amount of trust in Him on. I better be super shinny after this refining process!!

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