It has officially started!!

Sunday marked the start of a new journey for Brandon and I.

We invited friends and family over for a meeting. A meeting explaining the amazing story of God’s provision. A meeting explaining the amazing story of new friends we have made this year. A meeting explaining our hearts and desires to do ministry full time.

It was so exhilarating to have so many that we love in one room; some we hardly ever see, others we see weekly. Their encouragement was beyond amazing, and their generosity was humbling. That God would put so many amazing people in my life gives me some of the greatest joy! Sometimes I think about it, and am like, “Man, I know some freaking legit people!” ;]

I was so proud to have Lowell from FREE International there too so that everyone could meet him! God is putting together a powerful team! Brandon and I are already seeing many of the challenges that we will face in the upcoming months, but are so grateful to be facing them with a team that will figure it out with us.

Thank you to everyone who came on Sunday to support us. We are excited to have you apart of this journey and have a hand in the amazing work God is doing around the world with this ministry!

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